The Carreras board is a PCI Express Mini Card featuring the smallest
Altera Cyclone IV GX device with integrated PCI Express hard IP block.

In conjunction with Lancero, Carreras is a reference platform for low-cost programmable PCI Express solutions.

Lancero is a complete, versatile and high-speed Scatter-Gather DMA solution for PCI Express applications. The Lancero IP-core is optimized for full performance and consumes minimal logic resources, leaving many logic resources for the user application.

The Lancero software driver offers a simple programmers interface, allowing the developer to perform all PCI Express communications from user space.   


  1. PCI Express Mini Card

  2. Altera Cyclone IV GX EP4CGX15F16C8N

  3. PCI Express x1 lane @ 2.5 Gbps

  4. LVDS Transmitter (6 channels @ 640 Mbps)

  5. LVDS Receiver (6 channels @ 640 Mbps)

  6. I2C Master / Slave

  7. Serial 32 Mbit Configuration Flash

  8. Lancero Support


  1. Processor I/O Hub

  2. Industrial Automation

  3. Infotainment

Download here the product sheet