Lancero: Logic & Linux over PCI Express

Speed up your Linux CPU - Altera FPGA - PCI Express design

Lancero is a complete soft- and hardware solution to connect your Linux CPU and Altera FPGA.

The Lancero IP-core integrates a high-speed versatile Scatter-Gather DMA controller that connects seamlessly to the Altera PCI Express Hard IP-core.

The Lancero driver provides simple function calls to perform large Scatter-Gather DMA transfers directly to and from the user application memory.


  1. High performance (runs in slowest Cyclone IV GX)

  2. Small footprint (fits in smallest Cyclone IV GX)

  3. FPGA: Altera Cyclone IV GX / Arria II GX / Stratix IV GX

  4. CPU: Intel Atom, ARM, PowerPC

For more information; download the Lancero product brief or visit the Lancero website